Workshops – Events

Bellin Fitness offers a wide variety of workshops geared towards the education of members as well as community members in health/wellness activities that will engage individuals and their families towards greater life-long health. The majority of these workshops are FREE, however a nominal fee may apply. Please call for a recent listing of upcoming events.

  • TRX Strength
    Ongoing Specialty Class
    Thursdays | 530-615 am
    Bellin Fitness Ashwaubenon

    Get the biggest bang for your buck with this non-stop TRX strength training class. Develop total body and core strength with every move. You can easily progress the difficulty of each TRX exercise, to find the challenge you need to take your strength to the next level. Your Series Sales Package allows you come to class whenever your schedule allows. Each time you attend, a class will be removed from your package.

    Class Fee | 8-Pack $110 or 16-Pack $180

  • Boot Camp
    New Class! Starting Monday, September 10
    Mondays | 530-620 am
    Bellin Fitness Ashwaubenon

    Prepare to work hard and reap the expertise and benefits of personal training in a small group setting.
    This dynamic total-body workout includes a combination of interval training, bodyweight and resistance exercises as well as high-intensity cardio moves. Guaranteed to deliver results with its limited rest time between each move to get your heart rate up… burning calories fast! This class is for intermediate to high fitness levels.

    Class Fee | 8-Pack $110 or 16-Pack $180

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  • Barre Blend
    Back in Session! Starts Monday, September 10
    Mondays | 530-620 pm
    Bellin Fitness Ashwaubenon

    Meet us at the Barre for this effective, calorie-burning workout combining ballet-inspired movements with Pilates, Yoga and total body movement focusing on functional and core strength, posture, balance as well as cardiovascular improvements. Purchase an ongoing Series Sales Package and come to class whenever your schedule allows. Each time you attend, a class will be removed from your package.

    Class Fee | 8-Pack $110 or 16-Pack $180

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  • Youth Performance
    Now in Session
    June 11 - August 6 | Mondays | 10-10:45AM
    Bellin Fitness Bond

    Get those kids signed up to LEARN and have FUN!

    During this 8-WEEK Session your kids will be educated on the importance of proper lifting techniques, proper muscle engagements, along with doing performance enhancing drills. This course goes through everything that the youth ages 11-14 will need to know for all current and future athletes. Successful completion will also permit the young athlete to access the cardio and weight room at the Bond Community Center with their parent.

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  • Finding Your Fit – Ashwaubenon
    Back in Session, Starting Monday September, 17
    September 17 - November 21 | Mondays & Wednesdays | 530-630 pm
    Bellin Fitness Ashwaubenon

    Finding your Fit is the first step to finding yourself healthier and happier!
    Make It Personal. Make it Valuable. Make it Last
    Achieve the best version of yourself. Experience the benefits you value…decreased inches, blood pressure and weight plus increased strength, flexibility and endurance. Learn the best plan of action and take the next steps to your continued health and fitness. Start changing your life today!

    Program Cost | only $199 for 24 personalized workouts
    (that’s less than $9 per session)

    BONUS: FREE 3-month membership included with program

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