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Bellin Fitness offers a wide variety of workshops geared towards the education of members as well as community members in health/wellness activities that will engage individuals and their families towards greater life-long health. The majority of these workshops are FREE, however a nominal fee may apply. Please call for a recent listing of upcoming events.

  • Jump and Pump

    Don't Forget!
    Saturday, February 17 | 930-11 am | Ashwaubenon

    Jump and Pump keeps you moving with both calorie-burning jump roping and Tabata-style functional strength conditioning – for a total body challenge. This perfect mix of cardio and strength conditioning guarantees that you’ll burn fat during the 75-minute workshop and long after you’re finished. Burn fat and tone up legs, arms and abs – what more could you ask for?

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  • Restorative Yoga

    Monthly Workshop
    February 19 - March 19 | April 16 | Mondays 530-645 pm | Bellevue

    Disconnect from the frantic activity of daily life and let your body restore itself to a calm peaceful place. Restorative Yoga will help you relieve chronic stress by opening up your body through passive stretching and long holds. Props are used to help support your body eliminating unnecessary straining and allowing you to comfortably hold poses longer. Prepare to slow down and relax deeply! **Bring a blanket or beach towel to keep your body warm.

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  • HIIT Yoga

    Sign up for this great combo class!
    Saturday, March 17, 2018 | 930-1045 pm | Ashwaubenon

    HIIT and Yoga are like yang and yin. Combining these two forms of movement into one workout means you will get muscle building and cardiovascular training by working on bursts of strength and power as well as strengthening your stabilizing muscles and incorporating flexibility to help muscles move efficiently. Work up a good sweat and learn to connect with your breath and switch on the relaxation response.

    What to expect: The HIIT (high intensity interval training) element is broken down into intervals of work and rest. The movements performed are designed to work all areas of the body, starting with strength and moving to the higher energy, cardio movements. It is the perfect cross training for yoga, running, cycling…anything endurance based. It will help you build power, strength and work on those short, sharp bursts of cardio that boost the metabolism.

    The YOGA element is slow flowing, body opening, long hold stretches all with a strong connection to breath. This will help bring our bodies back to balance creating lean, strong muscle.

    This effective combo will leave you feeling invigorated but totally at ease. This is an all levels class as we all move at our own maximum and there are always low impact versions of each HIIT movement.

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  • Drum Core

    Mark Your Calendar!
    Saturday, March 24 | 930-11 am | Bellevue

    March to the beat of a different drum!
    Join us for another exciting workshop that combines cardio drumming with great core workout! This energizing, infectious class is not only a great workout but a great stress reliever too. The wide range of benefits you'll receive in this 75-minute workshop is definitely worth a try. Everyone…of any ability can do this high energy workout. Beat, crunch and groove with challenging core strengthening…Can you say, Hello Abs!

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  • Barre Blend

    Mondays 530-620 pm | Ashwaubenon

    Meet us at the Barre for this effective, calorie-burning workout combining ballet-inspired movements with Pilates, Yoga and total body movement focusing on functional and core strength, posture, balance as well as cardiovascular improvements. Purchase an ongoing Series Sales Package and come to class whenever your schedule allows. Each time you attend, a class will be removed from your package.

    PROGRAM COSTS: 8-Pack $80 l 16-Pack $140

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  • Performance for Life

    Tuesdays and Thursdays 8-9 am AND 530-630 pm l Ashwaubenon

    Experience this ongoing, comprehensive training program and perform life at its best!
    Taught by a certified personal trainer this program is geared towards enhancing your cardiovascular endurance, strength and stability through a variety of weight lifting techniques, plyometric work and speed & agility drills. Working in a small group challenges you to stay accountable and work harder. Purchase a Series Sales Package and come to class whenever your schedule allows. Each time you attend, a class will be removed from your package.

    PROGRAM COSTS: 8-Pack $80 l 16-Pack $140

  • TRX Strength

    Thursdays 530-615 am | Ashwaubenon

    Get the biggest bang for your buck with this non-stop TRX strength training class. Develop total body and core strength with every move. You can easily progress the difficulty of each TRX exercise, to find the challenge you need to take your strength to the next level. Your Series Sales Package allows you come to class whenever your schedule allows. Each time you attend, a class will be removed from your package.

    PROGRAM COSTS: 8-Pack $80 l 16-Pack $140

  • Eat Right for Life

    Now In Session
    January 9 - March 14

    Reserve your spot this winter for this highly popular 10-week program and transform unhealthy eating behaviors into healthy habits that will promote a lifetime of good health. Learn how the majority of illnesses and chronic diseases are largely preventable, and in some cases, fully reversible, simply by eating the right foods. This program focuses on the five key areas for making healthy food choices, as outlined in Dr. Ann's Eat Right for Life book.


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  • Eat Right for Life Phase Two

    Now In Session
    January 11 - February 15 | Thursdays 5-6 pm | Ashwaubenon

    Continue to transform unhealthy eating behaviors into healthy habits with this 6-week class. Phase Two of our Eat Right for Life class will further expand your knowledge and palate on healthy eating. Participants do not have to complete the initial Eat Right for Life class to sign up. Class topics will include:

    - Recipe Rehab – Skinnify Traditional Favorites
    - Anti-Inflammatory Meal Planning
    - The Scoop on Organic Foods and Bulk Foods
    - Cooking Demonstration – Utilizing Leftovers
    - How to Prepare Uncommon Fruits and Vegetables
    - Doing Your Ingredients Right


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  • Finding your Fit Phase Two

    Now In Session - Watch for new session starting at Bellevue
    January 15 - March 21 | Mondays & Wednesdays 530-630 pm | Ashwaubenon

    Continue Building Your Health and Happiness!
    Take your personal fitness to the next level. In Phase Two we will build upon your knowledge and skill acquired from your Finding Your Fit, Functional Movement, and/or Movement for Health class. Experience the continued benefits of mobility, flexibility, and joint integrity. Learn how to properly progress your strength & endurance training.

    PROGRAM COSTS: Register for 20 personalized workouts for only $165 ( less than $9 per session)
    BONUS: FREE 3-month membership included with program