Weight Management

Learn how you can lose weight and keep it off by attending a free orientation session at Bellin Health in Bellevue. Learn more about the many ways that Bellin can help you lose weight and keep it off, including the HMR Weight Management program, fitness and dietary assistance, and much more.
This is a free orientation. For more information, call 920-433-6787 or e-mail

Looking for ways to improve the quality of what you eat? Are you
trying to balance calories to reach a healthy weight? We are here to help you.
With a simple, fun, whole-diet approach you will learn these processes:

    • Identify and cope with triggers for poor eating
    • Eat well when dining out
    • Go shopping for healthy foods within your budget
    • Read and understand food labels and ingredients
    • Eat a balanced diet that includes foods you enjoy

For more information, please contact:
Phone: 920-433-6787

Finding Your Fit:

Work with a qualified and knowledgeable trainer and learn the motivational tools and strength training fundamentals needed to work towards changing your lifestyle.

Get a better understanding and confidence to manage physical activity to improve your mobility and stability.

Reduce your total body fat as well as decrease numerous health risks:

  • Decrease LDL and Triglycerides
  • Lower your risk of Type II Diabetes
  • Lower your Blood Pressure

Increase your energy to do the things you’ve always wanted to. Find out what your best plan of action is and the next steps you need to take for greater health and fitness.