Spring is in the air and people are cleaning out closets, kitchens and garages.  They are making changes –  “in with the new and out with the old.”  In other words, the big spring clean is on!  So how might this universal wish to clean and improve translate to your health and fitness?  Spring is the perfect time to do an inventory of what works and what doesn’t in your health and fitness routine (or lack thereof).

Start out fresh by signing up for our Spring session of Specialty Classes.  Check out our Eat Right for Life class to learn how to change unhealthy eating habits and get in shape for the summer with our Finding Your Fit Class! Check out the FREE DEMO of Finding your Fit so you can experience this class firsthand and discover that this class is the perfect fit for you!

EAT RIGHT FOR LIFE – Transform unhealthy eating behaviors into healthy habits that will promote a lifetime of good health.  The majority of illnesses and chronic diseases are largely preventable, and in some cases, fully reversible, simply by eating the right foods.   We will focus on the five key areas for making healthy food choices, as outlined in Dr. Ann’s Eat Right for Life book.

  • 10-Week Session | May 4 – July 13
  • Thursdays 430-530 pm AND 530-630 pm | Ashwaubenon
  • $99 | less than $10 per class

Customer Recommendation I thoroughly enjoyed the Eat Right for Life class!  Little did I know how much this class would help to get me on track to WELLNESS and not just diet and weight loss.  Since January 2, I have managed to lose 20 pounds and my blood pressure is back in the “normal” range!  And, I honestly don’t think I would have been successful without this class.  Lee Hyrkas kept classes fun, interesting and PRACTICAL!  The way he was able to distill SO MUCH information into a set of actionable points each week was phenomenal.  I loved that every week we went home with something that we could put into action with little to no extra effort.  As Lee said, it’s about the small, sustainable changes.  So for all of that, and for the amazing job Lee did with the class, THANK YOU!!

FINDING YOUR FIT ASHWAUBENON – Do you or someone you know want to benefit from the knowledge and expertise of a Personal Trainer? Finding your Fit 12-week Small Group Training Program is the perfect opportunity and setting to do just that and more!

  • 12-week Session | May 1 – July 26
  • Mondays & Wednesdays 530-630 pm
  • $199 for 24 personalized workouts (less than $9 per session)
  • Enrollment includes FREE 3-month membership
  • FREE DEMO:  Monday, April 24 | 530 p.m. | Ashwaubenon

Customer Recommendation – The most valuable part of the Finding your Fit class for me was the small group atmosphere and the great personal trainer.  She gave a thorough explanation for each of the exercises as well as provided a great variety of exercises even if I couldn’t do them all myself.  I also felt that the foam rolling and stretching in addition to the focus on maintaining correct form was very valuable too.  I would have liked to continue on past the 12 weeks because it motivated me to do more than I would on my own.

For more information, please contact:
Bellin Fitness Ashwaubenon | 1630 Commanche Avenue | (920) 430-4756