Molly Herkert

On March 5, 2014 Molly was diagnosed with Follicular Lymphoma Cancer. She immediately started treatments and was educated on the benefits of diet and exercise. With the help of the Bellin Fitness Center and the Cancer Team, Molly put together a new lifestyle program that would build a leaner and stronger person, to put her in better control of her life and outcome.

Bellin Fitness Center got Molly on track to healthful eating and encouraged her to take part in an active lifestyle. Molly was set up with Tim Grell one of Bellin Fitness Centers cancer certified trainers.  By assessing her present health and activity levels, Tim was able to design a program that would fit Molly’s goals. Over the next six months Molly was coached by Tim and through constant praise and encouragement, she surpassed her goals and was able to achieve a much stronger and energy packed body.

Through Molly’s dedication to herself she was able to lower her body weight, along with improving her cholesterol scores. She says, she feels lighter, more energized, and has a much more positive outlook on life. Molly is very thankful for the knowledge, kindness and education she received from Dr. Mary Connelly as well as the Bellin Fitness Center which provided their expertise with her health and fitness program.