Are you ready to train hard and have fun?! Check out our list of Corebar classes and enjoy this fun, energetic and results-focused training concept that is popular in gyms across the United States and even around the globe!

Corebar creates a stronger body from the inside out!  The Corebar training method is based on a well-executed, strategically planned, total body workout that includes cardio, strength, conditioning, mobility, balance and agility using their signature, weighted bar. This all-in-one, complete workout is remarkably effective, intense and challenging; therefore, providing fast, visible and progressive training results in a very fun format.

Regardless of your fitness level, we encourage you to step out of the box!  Get out of your comfort zone and stretch your limits so you become Corebar S.T.R.O.N.G., an acronym that represents all the overall benefits you can achieve from Corebar training. Through Corebar training you can learn how to push yourself, test your limits and improve your stamina. You will be able to go for it, all the way, without holding back, resulting in “raising the bar” – both in what you expect of yourself when you work out and when meeting challenges or obstacles in other aspects of life.

Four pre-choreographed Corebar class formats to choose from:

  • Corebar Vital™The signature of Corebar Vital™ is that it contains no jumping or running and ends with relaxation/mindfulness segment. It is FUN, energetic, vitalizing and easy to follow. As a low impact program, Corebar Vital is gentle on participants’ knees and other joints.  It is a great class for beginners and experts alike!
  • Corebar FIT™The signature of Corebar FIT™ (Functional Integration Training) is the focus on mobility training and functional flexibility in combination with core and strength exercises. Corebar FIT™ is a tough, energetic and FUN class with a small amount of high impact training like jumping and running in the cardio portion. Corebar FIT™ is great for members with intermediate to good levels of Fitness.
  • Corebar HIT™The signature of a Corebar HIT™ class is that it is 30 minutes of pure cardio utilizing interval training principles and including segments of High Intensity Interval Training. It is the ultimate high intensity cardio class designed to take you to your full potential! This class is advised for members with good to very good fitness Levels.
  • Corebar Strong™The signature of Corebar Strong™ is that it’s 30 minutes of pure core and strength. This intense training program is designed to get you strong from the inside out with challenging and efficient exercises to improve the strength, mobility and stability of your entire body. No fancy dance moves, just results!  Corebar Strong™ is for members with good to very good fitness levels.

Corebar Days and Times:

  • Mondays 530-630 am | Corebar FIT™ | Bellevue
  • Mondays 530-630 pm | Corebar HIT & Corebar Strong™ | Bellevue
  • Thursdays 12-1230 pm | Corebar HIT | Ashwaubenon
  • Fridays 11-12 pm | Corebar Vital™ | Bellevue
  • Saturdays 930-1030 am | Corebar FIT™ | Ashwaubenon

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