About Us

Where Fitness Fits

“Comfortable” is not a word you necessarily associate with a fitness program. But at Bellin Fitness, members find comfort in just about every aspect of what we offer.

Take the fact that we’re connected to Bellin Health, the region’s premier healthcare system. We have full access to Bellin physicians, therapists, nurses, clinicians and more. If necessary, we can work with one of our specialists to design a fitness program that meets your specific needs and goals.

Maybe it’s that our staff and approach to fitness are unique and highly successful. We build a fitness “team” around you to help maximize your program and results. And if you’re not showing up on a regular basis, expect an encouraging phone call from one of your team members.

It could be that you’re surrounded by other members with similar goals and abilities who, together, form a community of strength and health. If you’re new to fitness or out of shape, you’re not alone here. We welcome all levels of fitness.

Bellin Fitness is a place to “find your fit.” We invite you to stop by whenever it’s comfortable for you.