When it comes to early morning workouts are you a wimp or a warrior? Let the New Year challenge you to be the warrior you knew you’ve always been and own the morning workouts. This will make a difference in your body and your TO-DO list. Not to mention, there’s less distractions and unexpected plans that get in the way at 5AM as opposed to 5PM.

There’s one thing everyone knows about themselves: if they’re a morning person or not. Some individuals find the mornings to be their favorite time of day because there is something special about the newness of the day that is energetic. These individuals will tell you this time is peaceful for them because there are not many others that are up at that time which in turn result in less distractions. They wake up happy and ready to take on the day!

On the flip side, some individuals can barely roll out of bed when there alarm is ringing aggressively. They dread the morning time and will usually advise others not to bother them until they have at least 2 cups of coffee. They instantly wake up in a bad mood and are completely aware of this but need the time to allow the bad mood to burn off. The thought of early morning workouts for these individuals are painful. But it doesn’t have to be that way and the good news is if you are a morning person or not, a wimp or a warrior, there are a couple easy steps to consider which can gear you up for owning an early morning workout.

  • SCHEDULE IT – you wouldn’t want to miss an appointment with the Doctor or Dentist so make that same priority with the gym. Don’t miss a the chance to sweat early in the morning.
  • LAY OUT YOUR GEAR THE NIGHT BEFORE – let’s be real, you don’t want to go through all the effort of getting to the gym early and forgetting your socks or even worse, your gym shoes. Plan ahead so you don’t forget gym attire.
  • PLAN A ROUTINE – decide if you’re going to do a workout routine on your own or if you are going to go to your favorite class. If you’re doing a routine on your own know ahead of time what you are going to do and the duration you are going to do it for, that way you don’t have to technically wake up your brain that early.
  • CONSIDER A WORKOUT YOU HAVE TO PAY FOR – need someone to help hold you accountable? Invest in a personal trainer at Bellin Health Fitness so that way the money signs and having a trainer counting on you to show up will not allow you to skip. Or, sign up for a Specialty Class like our 530AM TRX Strength class.
  • FIND A BUDDY – if you need a motivator, invite a friend to tackle an early morning sweat with you!
  • COME UP WITH A REWARD – find something that you have to work for. Maybe after a couple weeks of being honest to yourself and the gym, you want to reward yourself with new workout attire to keep you going.
  • PARTICIPATE IN A CLASS – if you haven’t explored Bellin Health Fitness classes, now is your time! Yes our instructors our up that early for you! Participate in your favorite class or try something new for fun. Check out our early morning class lineup
  • TAKE BABY STEPS – if this is completely new for you, start by setting your alarm back in 5 minutes increments each day. You’ll be surprised, in no time you’ll be up an hour earlier than you ever dreamed of.
  • MAKE NUTRITION A PRIORITY – find what you know to be tasty to fuel your body with in the 30-60 minutes after you complete a workout. This will most likely need to be planned ahead of time. If you’re not sure what this should consist of, talk to our Registered Dietitian, Lee Hyrkes, RD for his evidence based recommendations.
  • DON’T IGNORE THE ENDORPHINS – these are hormones that will leave you feeling good! Write down how you feel, how productive you are throughout the day after accomplishing a morning workout. That way, next time you want to sleep in, you can remember how much better of a person you will be after you get through the workout.