I’m sure we have all heard people talk about how little sleep they need to function well.  And maybe you are one of these people…well we would like to share with you the real dangers of lack of sleep and how you can improve your sleep cycle.

Although the amount of sleep you need depends on many factors including age or circumstances (like pregnancy) the optimal range is generally 7-8 hours of sleep per night.  Sleep deprivation is now said to be as dangerous as being intoxicated.  Sleep is necessary to keep a strong immune system, clarity of thought, creativity, mood regulations, metabolism, willpower and decision making.

What principles contribute to a good night sleep?

  • Refrain from caffeine after 12 noon
  • Exercise during your day but not two hours before your planned bedtime.
  • Establish a bedtime routine by doing the same things around the same time every night.  For example: dim the lights, turn off electronics, read, meditate, etc.
  • Use calming lavender scent in sprays or essential oils
  • Journal prior to bedtime.  This helps to get thoughts out so your mind doesn’t race.
  • Relax or meditate for 10 minutes periodically throughout your day and just prior to sleep.
  • Darken and cool the room by 1-2 degrees.

Get tested for sleep apnea if you wake up tired, find yourself falling asleep during your day, were told you snore at night or find yourself waking up during the night.  Sleep apnea (where you stop breathing during sleep) can be life threatening.

YOUR CHALLENGE:  Choose three principles of good sleep from the list above and practice them for 30 days.


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