Meet Nicole! Nicole’s journey began when Dr. Rachael Vanden Langenberg, Bellin Health Bellevue, put a lot of things into perspective for her.  Dr. Rachael was very point blank about what was going to happen to Nicole if she didn’t make a change in her life.

Nicole had to overcome a lot of obstacles. She had to deal with a wrist injury that wouldn’t heal and also knee pain from osteoarthritis. But the hardest obstacle for her was trusting people at Bellin Health Fitness.

Once she began trusting others, Nicole realized that the people at Bellin Health Fitness were there to help. They offered her advice on how to do things that she wouldn’t have tried herself. They also answered a lot of questions that Nicole had.

Since Nicole joined Bellin Health Fitness last August, her life has changed a lot! Her biggest change is losing over 70 pounds…way to go Nicole!  Other changes include, being able to walk on the treadmill without being in pain and also being able to get off the floor a lot faster. In addition to lifting weights, Nicole is doing a lot more things to challenge herself including working with Amanda Challe, certified personal trainer at Bellin Health Fitness.

Now that Nicole is making positive changes in her life, her advice to others is to do the same. She says, “Challenge yourself a little bit more each day.  Do not give up and keep setting goals for you to achieve”.