Tips to Improve Your Pre and Post Workout Nutrition

When preparing to workout, you’re likely completely focused on the exercise to come.  But a good workout is more than just the physical movement.  Many people miss the most important ingredient in a successful workout –  nutrition.  When challenging your body with an intense workout, you must fuel the engine properly.  This includes being mindful of… Read More

Are You a Wimp or a Warrior?

When it comes to early morning workouts are you a wimp or a warrior? Let the New Year challenge you to be the warrior you knew you’ve always been and own the morning workouts. This will make a difference in your body and your TO-DO list. Not to mention, there’s less distractions and unexpected plans… Read More

Chaela Rabas

Chaela Rabas’s mom wanted three-year-old Chaela to have swimming lessons. As she tells it: I knew swim lessons would give Chaela the confidence and skill to enjoy being in the water. But I didn’t expect her to turn into a little mermaid! It’s wonderful because grandma and grandpa live on a lake and Chaela can… Read More

Kathy Blozinski

Kathy discovered the Bellin Walking Club last year when she set out to do the Bellin Walk. After a bad fall at her home, Kathy was not looking like she was going to be able to participate in the 2013 Bellin Walk. She experienced a broken femur and torn tendons in her ankle which required… Read More

Sandy Gilson

Sandy, a runner in the past, had not been new to fitness.  Sandy watched her mother at the age of 89 break her hip.  She asked herself, “What would happen if that happened to me?”  One day she saw personal trainer Eydie Strand on the TRX suspension trainer with clients and thought, “I could do that.”… Read More

Debbie Doren

Debbie’s initial motivation for joining Bellin Fitness Center was her results from her Health Risk Assessment.  The results hit her hard but after some soul searching she was able to build up the motivation to get off the couch and get her life back. After becoming a new member and going through her free orientation… Read More