Training: Time vs. Distance

When working with athletes the question often comes up “should I train by time or by distance?”.  This is a legitimate question but doesn’t have the simplest of answers.  Like many endurance athletes my mind works off of miles best.  Knowing how far you have gone is a key component in training but this is… Read More

Transition Between Long and Short Races

The Bellin Run is one of the largest 10K races in the nation, and a lot of people use it as their big goal race to kickoff summer. But what happens after they cross the finish line? Many will spend the rest of the season running shorter distances while others will make the jump to… Read More

Spring Training

It’s still cold outside but spring will be here before we know it. With spring comes warmer and longer days which allows us to get outside and be more active. But once spring hits, will you be ready for an increase in activity? Right now, your workout might include running, strength training and biking indoors…. Read More

Why Do You Run?

This question inevitably gets asked to most of us runners at some point in our life.  Just like you are bound to hear “run Forest run” from a car window or your sarcastic friend say “why run if nobody is chasing you”.  These people will likely never understand why we run but lucky for us… Read More

Unplug For Your Next Run

We live in a world of vast and changing technologies. This means GPS watches, heart rate monitors, running with phones and listening to music are all very common place. I have had a GPS watch for 3 years now and love the freedom that it gives to go out and explore new routes yet still know my… Read More

When Will I See Benefits of My Training?

So, you’re training hard, but do you find yourself wondering how long before you see the results of your hard work? The good news is science has helped us determine these numbers but the answers might surprise you. Your age, the type of training you are doing & other factors will all determine when you… Read More