Meet Janet! She listed her age as 65++ so we know she’s a woman who likes to keep us guessing and she has a small family which consists of one son and a daughter-in-law.

Janet’s journey began two and half years ago when she had a heart attack. During that two and half years, she underwent several surgeries and was also diagnosed with cancer. After she survived all of that, she realized she had to take better care of herself.

Fatigue, lack of strength and terrible balance were some of the obstacles that Janet had to overcome so when she was referred into the Cancer Wellness Program offered by Bellin Health Fitness, she thought it was the perfect opportunity to start working towards a healthier life.

In the beginning of her wellness program, Emily Wehrle, certified Personal Trainer at Bellin Health Fitness, worked with Janet to regain her strength and balance. Emily’s patience helped Janet immensely.  When she could hardly do any exercises, Emily hung in there with her.  After time, Janet’s energy increased as she continued her program.  She stated that the commitment of a scheduled personal training session kept her on track.

Now that Janet has the confidence and strength to do more things she enjoys life more. She is very thankful for the excellent care she received at Bellin and she plans on continuing to exercise with her Silver Sneakers membership at Bellin Health Fitness.