Meet Christine…that’s me! I will be 54 this month (but I feel 40!) and will be married to my husband, Mark, for 29 years this September.  We have two grown children (Andrew and Taylor), two dogs (Chica and Lola), two grand dogs (Bentley and Tank) and one grand cat (Charlie). My husband and I love to spend time outdoors in the summer biking, gardening and just hanging in our backyard. I love working at Bellin Health Fitness… seeing everyone work hard towards living a healthier life and knowing that I am there to help them reach their goals as much as they help me realize mine.

Five years ago, I was motivated to start living a healthier lifestyle because I realized I missed teaching Group Fitness classes…which I gave up due to chronic foot and hip pain. I had gained the 40lbs that I lost when I first started coming to Bellin Health Fitness 12 years ago.  I knew I had to lose weight again and work through my aches and pains to get back in shape and get back to teaching classes again.

At the time, the biggest obstacle I had to overcome was listening to my Personal Trainer, Jason Infusino. Being a former Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor, I was used to telling people what to do, not doing what someone else says.  Now, after having a personal trainer for 5 years, I am working out on my own and my biggest obstacle is self-motivation.  I have all of the tools and knowledge to get in a good workout but I just have to talk myself into doing it…which isn’t easy for me.

My Personal Trainer had a no-nonsense attitude that pushed me to work harder than I ever would myself. I gained strength that I never knew I had along with increasing my mobility so teaching is a no longer a hardship for me.   My goals have definitely changed since I started.  I used to believe it was all about losing weight but now it’s more about being strong and keeping your body moving which is more important for living a healthier lifestyle.  But losing weight wouldn’t be so bad either.

Not only has my life changed by becoming stronger and losing weight, I have gained a lot of confidence in myself. When I started out, I will admit, my confidence was pretty low.  Jason instilled a lot of positivity into me and it has given me a new outlook on what I am capable of doing.  This positive new outlook has carried over into everything I do both at work and at home.  I am currently teaching 2-3 classes a week and I love the energy my class participants give me.  I also asked one of my class participants to be my workout partner in an effort to keep myself accountable. I asked her to not let me off the hook when I say I don’t want to work out and she asked me to push her to work out harder so it’s a perfect match!

The advice I would give to others is don’t stop moving…that was my first mistake. If you can’t do it by yourself (which admittedly I cannot) work with a Personal Trainer, find a workout partner or attend Group Fitness Classes. Any or all of these things will make you more accountable and will be more fun doing.   It’s never too late to start so start moving today… you and your health are worth all the hard work!  I have so many favorite quotes but here is one my favorites…

Don’t wait until you’ve reached your goal to be proud of yourself…Be proud every step you take toward reaching that goal.