Your goal to live a healthier, more active lifestyle was set by you. But that doesn’t mean you’re in it alone. There’s an easy solution to help you have fun, work out harder and stay motivated: Find an exercise partner! Here are six reasons working out with a partner is better:

  • Accountability and Support | If you have a commitment to meet someone at a specific time and place to exercise, you’ll have an easier time following through. At the same time, your partner can help support your fitness goals.
  • Motivation | With your workout partner supporting your goals and providing you with accountability, you may find yourself feeling more motivated and excited to exercise.
  • Friendly Competition | Exercising with a parnter may push you to challenge yourself while working out. Just be sure to stay within your physical limitations–exercising too hard is counterproductive and can cause accidents or injuries.
  • Keeps It Fun |  Having someone to socialize with can help your workout go by faster and seem easier since you can focus on your conversation.
  • Improves Safety |  Some exercises require you to work with a partner, such as some lifting exercises. But even those that don’t, such as walking, jogging and swimming, are safer with a companion.
  • Boosts Confidence | You’ll have your own personal cheerleader celebrating your accomplishments and encouraging you through slip-ups and setbacks.

It’s also about finding the right workout partner for you. Consider these factors when looking for the right match:

  • You Get Along | A good workout partner should be someone you actually like. Your partner could be incredible in every other way, but if you don’t actually like them as a person, you’re not going to stick to the workouts.
  • A Good Attitude | Find someone who is positive, friendly, solution-focused and working for better results. It’s also important to find someone who respects your time and is dependable.
  • Motivational Style | If you need a cheerleader to get motivated and they need a drill-sergeant, it may not work out. Make sure you share the same motivational style.
  • Similar Goals | If you want to get to 14% body fat and they want to become a yoga expert, it’s a mismatch. You need to share similar goals to make the partnership work. It’s also important that your workout partner is as committed to the goal. Find someone who won’t cave on days when you want to skip a workout and who will call you on any excuses and not back down.
  • Compatible Schedules | If your schedules don’t match up, it’s most likely not going to work.

You owe it to yourself to be picky when you choose your workout partner. There are a lot of factors to consider but it pays to be selective and find a good match. After all, a great workout partner is worth their weight in gold.