Meet Kathleen Barlament! Kathy (60) is married, has two adult children, and a big dog named Phoebe.  Kathy’s goal is to walk 30 minutes and have it feel easy.  She would also like to regain her upper body strength.  She has already had success by going from 3 minutes walking to 20 minutes.  Keep up the great work…you can do it!

Kathy’s journey started when she began the healing process from her cancer treatment. She wanted to increase her stamina and just feel better.  Like many cancer patients, Kathy had to overcome her lack of motivation, fatigue and poor attitude as well as her struggle to breathe.

Through the Bellin Fitness Cancer Wellness Program, Kathy worked with Emily Wehrle, certified Cancer Exercise Specialist. Emily kept Kathy on a schedule that required her to exercise on a regular basis.  This helped to improve her wellbeing as well as her attitude towards life.

Kathy’s life has changed in so many ways! She feels better all around…she has more stamina, improved health, reduced cholesterol and her oxygen level has improved making it easier to breathe.  Kathy even purchased additional personal training sessions with Emily to make sure she stays on track!

The advice she would give others is to sign up for the Bellin Fitness Cancer Wellness Program and stick to it! Go when you don’t feel like it, listen to your trainer, follow their lead…they are there to help!