Meet Todd Georgia (52).  He has been married to his wife for twenty years; they have two teenage sons and an awesome little Maltese lap dog.  His life changed dramatically when he was diagnosed with cancer.  He participated in our Cancer Wellness program because he wanted to get started on the road to recovery so he could feel “normal” again.  He succeeded by regaining lost strength from cancer treatments, increasing energy and enhancing his overall attitude.

Read Todd’s story and see how he went from being an angry, negative man battling cancer to a man who looks at each day as a battle won and looks forward to better days ahead!

What motivated you to begin your journey?  The Bellin Cancer Team nurses and specifically the nutritionist, Jill, convinced me that Bellin Fitness would be a beneficial tool to assist in my recovery. The fact that the program would not add financial burden to my growing debt was a very important factor as well.

What obstacles did you have to overcome?  The obstacles I had to overcome were a general sense of anguish, lack of enthusiasm and very low energy levels. My attitude was generally negative, my outlook pessimistic and I didn’t feel as though the effort would be rewarded. I also had a difficult work schedule to contend with, making the inconvenience seem unmanageable

What part did Bellin Fitness play in helping you?  The Fitness team very patiently showed me how the facility and staff could help me in any way I needed. After meeting with Tim Grell and Emily Wehrle, they convinced me the effort would be worthwhile and they would work around any obstacles that arose due to health or work.

As my personal trainer, Emily consistently met my pessimism with optimism. She switched up exercises to keep me content, while never losing sight of the objective. She kept me actively engaged through the long winter months, and as the weather warmed my outlook was changing, my pessimism was waning and results were becoming apparent! The cheerful conversation, sincere encouragement and constant motivation kept it fresh, fast paced and fun. Finally, and probably most importantly, Emily managed to challenge me relative to my capabilities without setting me up for failure. She monitored my improvement and regularly shared it with me to keep me inspired and focused. I seriously doubt I would be where I am now without her

How has your life changed?  My life changed dramatically with the cancer diagnosis. Fear replaced confidence and uncertainty overtook stability. I was shaken to the core, and although I understood I was in for a fight, I never realized how fast nor how far I would be knocked down. The Cancer and Fitness Teams became a constant source of strength when I had very little of my own. Along with my family and friends, the people involved in my treatment and therapy shortened the journey and successfully started instilling small doses of normalcy into my days. Without fully recognizing it, I was waking easier, working longer and walking taller. I consider myself stronger now than I was going in, with the added benefit of a much brighter outlook!

What advice would you give others?  Regardless of your ailment, keep your head up. Trust others who are there to help you and allow yourself to follow their advice. They have ways to help you, see things you can’t see, and will have you feeling more positive if you give them the chance. Look at each day as a battle won and look to better days ahead.


Feature Image by: © Yupiramos Group | Dreamstime Stock Photos