Are you tired of doing the same workout routine week after week?  Need a program that is customized for your specific fitness level and need?  Many people don’t realize how diverse a Personal Training Program can be.  A personal trainer now may be considered a necessity for some people instead of a luxury.

At Bellin Health Fitness we have a team of certified Personal Trainers that are knowledgeable, experienced and have the tools to help you find your fit!  Whether you’re just starting out or a seasoned athlete, they will enhance your functionality, strength and endurance.  You will literally see yourself become stronger and more confident.  Take control of your health now.  Don’t waste another minute…build a better you!

Check out what our clients are saying about us…ryan

  • I had a trainer when I started out 15 years ago and sporadically since. Now that I have a trainer on a regular basis again, I am learning more and refining what I know. She is an excellent trainer with my well-being at heart. I also appreciate that she will correct me on something when she sees me working out on my own.
  • The training experience has changed my outlook on life. It has increased my motivation, my inner strength and my outer strength as well
  • Bellin Fitness is a wonderful facility but even better personal trainer. Great motivator. Pushes you to go beyond your comfort zone. Great outlook on fitness and life.
  • Since I started 4 years ago, I have surpassed many goals and keep making new ones, the hour is hard but worth it.
  • I have a rare pain syndrome and hadn’t been progressing on my own- since working with a trainer, I have made significant gains and would like to further that even more.
  • Personal training has been very beneficial and the strength training is helping my mobility and balance. My Bellin Fitness Trainers are taking me down a road where I can walk and run normally. What a blessing!