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Liz’s Journey to Become a Personal Trainer

My journey to become a personal trainer started in 2009. I had attended a dance studio for the majority of my life, which always served as an emotional outlet for me and guaranteed weekly exercise. In 2009 I was living in a suburb of Chicago attending Veterinary Technician school. When I was in Illinois I… Read More

Mike’s Fitness Journey May Have Saved His Life

Recently, Bellin Psychologist Tiffany Born had the pleasure of meeting and chatting with Mike Pribek and his mom, Jane. “Mike is an incredible person with an inspiring fitness journey. He also has Autism Spectrum Disorder. I enjoyed hearing about Mike’s health journey, his passion and skills with numbers and dates (he could tell me the… Read More

Choose Consistency

Choosing CONSISTENCY over (MOTIVATION, BUSY SCHEDULES, INSERT REASON HERE ___________! ) Do you have trouble being consistent with fitness in your life? What do you blame? • You start out great but then lack motivation to stick with it? • Too much to do and not enough time to do it all? • Insert your… Read More

Six Ways to Burn 100 Calories in 10 minutes

What is a calorie? It’s a unit of energy. As a trainer, I had to ponder the question of how does one burn 100 calories. There are many variables to consider when answering this question because one strategy does NOT fit all! Those variables range from the weight of the individual, effort and ability to… Read More

Cold Weather Training

The season is upon us and the temperature is decreasing. One thing that doesn’t have to decrease along with the temperature is your workouts and physical activity done outside. With a few tips, tricks and pointers you can enjoy training outside in the cold until the springtime sun warms us back up again. The first… Read More

Reduce the Risk of Breast Cancer through Exercise

Have you ever considered that exercise could help reduce your risk of developing breast cancer? According to the National Cancer Institute, regular exercisers have a 12% reduced risk of getting breast cancer. The science behind this theory is pretty simple. According to the Susan G. Komen website, studies show higher blood levels of the estrogen… Read More

Training: Time vs. Distance

When working with athletes the question often comes up “should I train by time or by distance?”.  This is a legitimate question but doesn’t have the simplest of answers.  Like many endurance athletes my mind works off of miles best.  Knowing how far you have gone is a key component in training but this is… Read More

Family Fitness Fun!

Exercise with my family?! How do I do that?  How many times have you heard the “I’M BORED!!!”?  Or you think to yourself that your kids need to get off that couch and do something!  Exercising as a family is a great way to have fun, connect with each other and do positive things for… Read More

10 Tips to Become a Morning Workout Person

Finding it difficult to get to the gym after work? If so, you may want to consider switching to morning workouts. With fewer distractions and unexpected plans to get in the way, it’s often easier to fit in exercise at the start of the day. If you’re naturally a morning person, this should be an… Read More