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The Scoop on Dairy

June is National Dairy Month. To honor our hard-working Wisconsin Farmers, today’s blog will highlight some of the important nutrients found within dairy products. If you are looking for ways to incorporate dairy into your meal plan, check out the ideas below. Protein: Dairy products are an excellent source of casein and whey protein. Most… Read More

Five Recipes for your Memorial Day Menu

Five Recipes for Your Memorial Day Menu Memorial Day marks the start of summer here in Wisconsin. (Yay!) If your family is anything like mine, you probably celebrate Memorial Day weekend with time outside, tasty food and delicious drinks. As a foodie, I love trying super easy recipes that taste great and feature fresh, seasonal… Read More

Holiday Meals: Do’s and Don’ts

The holidays are fast approaching and for many of us this is a time to relax and enjoy a variety of tasty foods. However, some of us may be worried about the extra pounds that often are associated with the holidays. It’s estimated that an average American gains 1-2 lb. each holiday season. This doesn’t… Read More

Dieting vs. Healthy Eating

Ditch the Dieting; Head toward Healthy Eating.  Fad diets are out of style. There are all sorts of different diets that people are willing try and it is actually quite scary. It’s frightening that so many people are misinformed and fall for the conflicting information, testimonials, and hype of what turns out to just be… Read More

Fall into Great Nutrition

Ring in September by celebrating National Whole Grain Month. Ancient grains have made a resurgence over the past several years. Many are finding ancient grains a nice alternative to their regular staples. For those of you who may not know what ancient grains are, below, is a list of different ancient grains and how to… Read More

Four Ways to Increase Post-Workout Hydration

Do you ever wonder what you should drink after workouts? If so, you’re in luck – we’re going to clear up some of that confusion today. Consuming the right amount of fluid can help your body maintain a normal temperature, get rid of toxins and waste, exercise better, and keep your joints lubricated. A reasonable… Read More

Five Reasons You’re Not Losing Weight

If you’ve ever tried to lose weight, you know just how challenging it is to take off a few pounds. So today let’s explore five things that can sabotage your weight loss goals: 1. Sugary Breakfast Cereals Cold cereal is one of the most popular breakfast choices. But if you’re not careful about measuring out… Read More

Help – I’m Addicted to Junk Food!

Picture this: You open a bag of your favorite potato chips with the intention of only having a few. But the next thing you know, half the bag is gone. If this sounds familiar, you’re not alone. Most of us have succumbed to a food craving at some point or another. It could be salty… Read More