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Good Health Is Blooming

Meet Jean Bricker! When I asked Jean what her age was she said that she always says she’s 66 because that’s Ray Nitschke’s number…which tells me she’s an avid Packer fan.  Jean actually just turned 73 on Friday… happy birthday to her!  She currently shares her life with her two rescue cats…Sally and Cleopatra.  Cleopatra… Read More

Together Everyone Achieves More

Meet Janet Christl and Pam VandeHei! Janet (66 in July) and Pam (70).  Not only are they best friends but they make the best workout team!  Janet has been coming to Bellin Health Fitness for over 10 years.  She has two grown children, Dean and Leah and three grandchildren: Lucas 5, Dylan 3 and Jose… Read More

Be the Owner of your Own Health

Meet Sue Theodoru! Sue (67) has been married to her husband Alex for 45 years!  That’s amazing!  Together they have two grown sons, Mark and Nick and three grandchildren, Blake, Ava and Bryce.  Another amazing realization for Sue is the fact that she’s been a member at Bellin Health Fitness for over 25 years.  She… Read More

Work in Progress

Meet Robert Grignon! Bob (72) has a full life with a family of four children and seven grandchildren that he shares with his wife Arleen. Bob’s fitness journey began when he started physical therapy to recover from having a severe stroke. His Physical Therapist at Rennes suggested that he work with a Personal Trainer in… Read More

Make Exercise a Way of Life

Meet John Kabele! John (70) is married to his wife Karen and they have one son, Andrew, who they are very proud of.  John has been a Bellin Health Fitness member for over 11 years.  He is one of the hardest working and most dedicated members we have. John didn’t really need motivation to get… Read More

Motivation + Commitment = Success

Meet Mitch Babe! Mitch (27) is the son of Customer Service Representative Janet Babe.  He spends lots of time with his family which includes his mom, dad and sister, Jackie.  A recent addition to his family is his dog Bogart who is going to be six this year.  Mitch rescued Bogart 3+ years ago, takes… Read More

Keep on a Schedule

Meet Roger Schmitt! Roger (71) is happily married to his wife Barb and has been a Bellin Health Fitness member since 2012. Roger’s motivation for beginning his fitness journey was wanting to just stay active. When he initially started coming to Bellin, it was hard to maintain a consistent workout schedule because he was on… Read More

Don’t be afraid to ask for help

Meet Mary Berg! Mary (71) recently had her knee replaced and her goal was to walk better – not waddle- and improve her balance. Mary came to Bellin Health Fitness after going to the Learning in Retirement class and attending the presentation “Know Your Body”. The trainers demonstrated six different screens that she should have… Read More

Building New Relationships

Meet Carol Landwehr! Carol (87) has a family full of children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. Carol started her fitness journey because she just wanted to see what she could do. The hardest thing to do was just getting started but once she did she felt success! Her goals were to keep limber and active. Carol… Read More

Be Proud of Yourself

Meet Christine…that’s me! I will be 54 this month (but I feel 40!) and will be married to my husband, Mark, for 29 years this September.  We have two grown children (Andrew and Taylor), two dogs (Chica and Lola), two grand dogs (Bentley and Tank) and one grand cat (Charlie). My husband and I love… Read More