Meet Cathy Riechers!  Cathy (54) shares her life with her fiancée, Mike and her rescue dog, A-Rod!  She was referred into our Continuum of Care program by Physical Therapist, Sandy Fondow, who is working with her once a week on her lymphedema.   Her success, after completing our Continuum of Care program, is her renewed confidence…She feels like “I can do it.”  Cathy has a lot of goals but here are the highlights…she wants to be able to put her shoes on by herself, and even though she is wheelchair bound, she wants to be able to stand at the alter on her wedding day to “show off her pretty dress” and then to stand again for the “you may kiss the bride” moment.

Cathy’s motivation to start her fitness journey was her frustration of not being able to do what she wanted to do or could do.  She was stubborn and didn’t realize how deconditioned she was until she hit rock bottom.  Then she realized she needed to make a change.

The obstacle that Cathy had to overcome was having the confidence to come through the door.  She was anxious about “muscleheads” being in the fitness center and having to “compete” with others. Everyone at Bellin Fitness played a part in helping Cathy feel more confident!  She got encouragement from the staff who checked her in each day, from her Personal Trainer, Liz Standiford, who personalized and understood her Multiple Sclerosis diagnosis and was able to meet her needs and from the members who recognized her and told her “she could do it!”

The confidence Cathy gained overflowed into her everyday life.  It motivated her to do things like cook dinner, and others things that she couldn’t do easily before.  Her life changed greatly because of her renewed confidence and she has a more positive outlook about life now.

The advice that Cathy would you give others is…”Feel like the Nike ad…”Just do it”.  Trust the staff at Bellin Fitness and yourself.  No one is looking at you…they are all just there to help you!