We are Open!

  • Effective Monday, September 20th, Vaccinated members who provide proof of vaccination, are able to pull their masks down while engaging in exercise.
  • Once an exercise or activity has been completed they must replace their mask over their nose and mouth.
  • All unvaccinated members must remain masked at all times when using the facility.

Special FULL MASKING hours now available Monday through Thursdays from 1 pm to 3 pm and Fridays from 1 pm to 2 pm.  Regardless of vaccination status, all facility users must be masked during these special hours.

If you have any questions feel free to email us at bellinfitness@bellin.org
Or Call us at Ashwaubenon (920) 430-4756, Bellevue (920) 433-6756, Bond Community Center (920) 834-5585

Continuum of Care

Our Continuum of Care Program is designed to navigate you on the path of lifelong wellness through injury prevention, corrective exercise, fitness programs and services. This program is accessible through a referral from the individual Care Teams listed below – including non-Bellin providers. Bellin Health Fitness is committed to helping you find the right fit. Our specially trained team of certified personal trainers will evaluate your condition and work collaboratively with your Care Team professionals to create wellness goals to help you continue improving your quality of life.


With the right help and with the right team of people at your side, you can move from feeling helpless to being in control of your life. Bellin Health created a program to help cancer patients prevent and address physical impairments related to treatment. With a referral from your Bellin doctor, you’ll have access to thorough assessments, therapies, exercises and consultation all approved by your oncologist. Your team will map our your personalized plan to help you continue on your healing journey. Learn More


Bellin Health’s cardiac LIFE program is a great asset to anyone dealing with a cardiac issue. The program is accessible through a Bellin provider’s referral and designed to get you back into a healthy lifestyle as quickly as possible. You’ll rehab under the direction of our experienced staff, benefit from a wide variety of group classes, educational seminars and lifestyle tips. Bellin Health Fitness Center provides a Cardiopulmonary & Vascular Rehab Class that serves as a transition from the Phase Two Program. Plus, you’ll have access to personalized instruction to help you with a customized program. Learn More


If you’re looking for a program that will help you regain physical independence, the Bellin Health Orthopedics Care Team is worth investigating. After careful individual assessment, a Bellin provider or non-Bellin provider can refer you into the program This exclusive offering takes into account your previous treatment, current condition and goals. You’ll have access to a full range of qualified therapists, trainers, modern equipment and rehab techniques. We can help you stay strong as you progress in your recovery. Learn More

Weight Management

Bellin Health offers a full range of weight management services to meet a variety of personalities, lifestyles, and budgets for both children and adults. Bellin’s comprehensive services takes a different approach toward weight management. From simple food choices and fitness training, to addressing psychological roadblocks, to meal replacement options – you’ll find the right fit for your personal and unique journey. We are here to help you gain control of your weight, and get the healthy, active lifestyle you desire and deserve. Contact the Weight Management Team today to learn about your options and how you can get started on your journey right away. Learn More


Get the highest standard of care at Bellin Health where you will benefit from a comprehensive, multidisciplinary team of neuroscience specialists that believe that there is no such thing as a “textbook case.” You deserve a team of experts who are up to the challenge of looking at your situation from every perspective. Your brain and nervous system are what makes you you. From preventive programs to pain management to nationally recognized stroke care to neurosurgery and rehabilitation, our team of experts will go beyond the surface to discover and treat the source of your issues. Learn More