Meet Elizabeth Charles. Elizabeth (55) is married to her husband, Craig and they have two married children, Dustin and Taryen and four grandchildren.  Elizabeth’s goal was to strengthen her core, have improved balance and to alleviate pain in her calves and foot.  She has had great success in improving her Planter Fasciitis path.

Elizabeth was motivated to begin her journey because she knew she needed help with the pain she was having in her feet. Elizabeth stated that as she has gotten older, she noticed that she tends to favor one side of her body over the other so she wanted to balance it out.

Through a Bellin Health wellness program, Elizabeth heard about a free class that was being offered to Bellin employees called Movement for Health, taught by Bellin Fitness certified Personal Trainers. The fact that the class was held right at the hospital was convenient and also the fact that was free to employees, she thought it was worth a try!

The obstacles that Elizabeth had to overcome were her lack of motivation and the ability to make going to class a habit. The reason that she took this class was to stop making excuses for herself.

When I asked Elizabeth, How did Bellin Fitness help you? This was her response, “In your journey through life sometimes you start things that you are not fully aware what the benefits will be.  You start because you know in your heart of hearts that it is the right thing to do.  I didn’t set high expectations for myself when starting the Movement for Health class, but to my surprise, it helped me more than I thought it would.  I totally loved that it was interactive and I got feedback on how I was doing the exercises, as when watching the video (which were great for reinforcement) you don’t always know if you’re performing the exercise right.  In the beginning, I didn’t think that these movement exercises were really helping me as they seemed to just be stretching, but in 10 weeks I lost 8 pounds and I was not eating different I was just doing the exercises.  As the weeks progressed – the exercises were a workout. Just want to say a huge THANK YOU, JIM for the AWESOME class.  You are such a motivating person and this really helped me progress forward.”

Elizabeth’s life has changed because now she feels stronger with less pain in her calves and feet. Besides feeling better she has seen proof of her improvements from her pre and post assessments.

The advice Elizabeth would give to other Bellin employees is to attend the Movement for Health class. Besides being convenient, the instructors are very motivating, encouraging and have good follow through.  It’s also easy and obtainable to accomplish good, sustaining behaviors.  She looks forward to continuing her journey.