Meet Brian Dauck. Brian (54) is a long time Bellin Health Fitness member and has used just about everything that Bellin has to offer through the years. Brian started going to the Fitness Center way back when it was located on the top level of the old Whitney School building on Webster Avenue. He mainly just lifted weights with guys from work but then started going to the Yoga classes from the encouragement of instructors Debbie and Chris.

When Bellin Health Fitness built the new facility out on Eaton Road, unfortunately, Yoga was no longer offered early in the morning so Brian started to take advantage of the other variety of classes offered free with his membership. Brian soon became a regular, fitting classes and running into his morning activities.

He started running because his son was running in school and a friend of his from High School had taken it up as well and they began a tradition of participating in the Cellcom Marathon events each year. Brian started with running just the 5K, then ran the half marathon for two years and then it was time to go for the full marathon. His training included using the treadmills at Bellin to get cold weather runs in and he also used the convenient paths outside the Fitness Center to get mid-to-long runs in during the week. Of course, with training for a full marathon there were some pains along the way so Brian used Bellin’s free Pain and Injury Consultation with Jim Beversdorf to work through a couple of problems. He was happy that there was always someone there to offer advice about training issues.

Some of the new classes Brian took were Spin (cycling) and Step. Brian stated that Spin wasn’t as hard to catch onto as Step class where he was lost for a few weeks before he could keep up and not look too foolish. Group Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer, Laura Bender, aka “Sarge”, did a nice job of helping him learn in the beginning, but once he was a regular she made sure he didn’t slack off.  Brian said, “The Sarge keeps you in line and makes sure you get a full workout.” Brian also stated that knew you were part of this dysfunctional family once you got a nickname and your real name is never to be heard of again. In fact, at the end of one class she called Brian by his name and he was like, “Why does that sound so strange?”

Brian’s life really changed when he started taking Spin class…that’s where he got to know Christian Jensen, past Group Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer, and got involved in My Team Triumph. He has participated in almost anything you can think of with this great organization. He helped organize the end-of-the-year celebration hosting it at Rio Creek Airport, where he lined up airplane rides for all the Captains that wanted to take part. He also participated in 5k’s, 10k’s, half marathons, marathon relays, triathlons, and the Fall 50 annually. Brian has gotten to meet a lot of great Captains and Angels. This is a part of his life that he will always cherish.

For the most part, Brian is a healthy person but has had some Medical issues that the Fitness Center staff has helped with in so many ways. He has worked with Personal Trainers Nate Vandervest, Melissa Sperbeck and Laura Bender through the past few years and has found this is an excellent way to get a targeted workout to help with his issues or weak areas. Sometimes he wonders what motivates him, but he knows it’s the support of the staff and the members that keep him going. Sometimes it’s just walking the track for an hour venting to someone or listening when they need to get something off of their chest.

Brian also wants to do a shout out to Janet, Amy, Diane, Heather, and all the other Customer Service staff that greet him in the morning and help to get his day off to a good start. He stated that Bellin Heath Fitness is a great facility, but it isn’t the facility that makes it great, it’s the people, both members and employees. He says could join any gym and not miss the place, but he would miss the people. The morning crew at Bellevue has become like a big family to Brian, both employees and other members. They may “slam” each other but they also pick each other back up. When some of them leave for one reason or another, he almost feels betrayed…thinking, “How can they leave the family?”