ryanThe relationship between a Personal Trainer and their client is a love/hate relationship. Personal trainers may have to push their clients to do things that they normally wouldn’t do and their clients must trust in them and believe that what they are asking them to do is in their best interest. So, while the client may hate their trainer at the time, they absolutely love how they feel and love the results that their trainer has helped them achieve!

With that being said, I checked in for a quick visit with a few of our Personal Trainers and their clients yesterday to ask them what they love…

First up was Trainer Ryan and his client Liz…What Liz loves about Ryan is the fact that he doesn’t use machines when training her. She said since training with Ryan she has become more confident especially when doing her favorite exercise…the farmer carry. Liz said before she started training with Ryan, walking was hard for her but now she has no problem what so ever! When I asked Ryan what his favorite thing about Liz is he replied that not only does she work hard when she’s with him but also when she is on her own. This makes things easier and better for both of them!

Next stop was Trainer Jason and his client Andy…Jason loves the fact that Andy shares what he does during the week to keep healthy…things he eats, exercises he did etc. These great healthy habits allow Andy to be able to work hard during his training sessions which he loves! Andy also likes how Jason is able to adapt his workout to how he is feeling that day.

EydieFinishing up was Trainer Eydie and her clients Paulette and Buck. Two-on-one training is twice as fun but also  challenging to keep both clients on track but not with Paulette and Buck. Eydie loves that they are always on track and ready to workout. Paulette loves to lift weights but her favorite exercise is doing crunches on the stability ball holding a medicine ball for added resistance…now that’s what I call working hard! As for Buck, his favorite exercise is woodchoppers using the cable machine.

After hearing how much everyone loved what they were doing, I was excited to share their enthusiasm for working together. But I have to say, when I initially asked these clients what they loved most about their personal training their immediate answer was…”When it’s over!”   : )