WRITTEN BY:  Eydie Strand, Bellin Health Fitness Certified Personal Trainer

Happy National Heart Health Month!

You’re now more than a month into attacking your New Year’s resolution to get fit. Are you getting closer to achieving your fitness goals? If you’ve hit a plateau – or just need to switch things up a bit – here’s a way to rev up your workout:

Shoot for a 20-minute sustained workout that includes intense work and brief rest intervals – for example, high intensity interval training (HIIT), TABATA or BURST training

A simple and easy example, performed on any piece of cardio equipment, is 30 seconds of hard and fast effort followed by a full minute at recovery effort. The hard and fast effort phase should leave you breathless while the recovery phase allows your respiration to settle into the normal range. Repeat this cycle throughout your 20 minute workout.

This highly effective and well-researched form of cardio training has remarkable results. As you get more fit your work phase will become longer and you will not need as long a recovery. Try it out and see the magic happen!