cheri sassCheri’s story will hit home with many of you and hopefully it will inspire others to get moving and keep moving. Cheri is 59 years old and will be celebrating her 40th wedding anniversary to her husband Rick in July…congratulations!  They have two children Jeff and Jenny and have three grandsons Jeremiah 16, Wyatt 11 and Damian 4 years old.  Wow…three grandsons that will keep anyone busy!

Cheri has been a Bellin Fitness member since March 2014 and has increased her visits to the fitness center from an average of two times per week to at least three times week…every month! She has successfully lost weight and inches and even “grew” a half inch in height! Her goal when she began was to have more energy to keep up with her grandsons and based on her increased visits I would say she has met that goal!

Cheri’s motivation to begin her journey was getting ready to have her knee replaced, wanting to play with her grandsons and also to be able to play golf. Besides having her knee replaced, another obstacle that Cheri had to overcome was arthritis in all of her joints.  She was never one to exercise and only did what was necessary to help her back pain and procrastinated to in doing exercises for the other issues she had.

Bellin Fitness has helped Cheri by giving her the exercises she needed to get started. She says that our staff is always willing to help out and answer questions and that everyone is friendly and encourages her to keep going including fellow members.

Since starting her journey at Bellin Fitness, Cheri’s life has definitely changed for the better! She feels much better about the way she looks. Not only has she lost 6 inches in her hips and down 10 pounds but she’s standing and walking straighter hence “growing” that half inch! She has more flexibility and energy, her breathing is easier and her pain is better.  Exercise has also helped Cheri reduce arthritis pain.  Now she can even push a wheelbarrow around the yard, carrying stone statues (some weighing almost 100 pounds). Go Cheri!

When I asked Cheri what advice would she give to others this is what she said…”Exercise! Get out and walk, get out and do more exercise because it is only going to help.  Move and move some more.”