Picking the right gift for those special people in your life can be challenging. Here is a list of fitness gifts that will surely impress a seasoned fitness guru or help a beginner get started. Fitness equipment can be costly so there is a little something for every price range.

MINI BANDS – These little gems are great for stocking stuffers. They are especially ideal gifts for those who exercise on the road because they fit right in their travel bag. These mini bands have many uses but they are primarily used for glute activation and overall leg/core work.

FOAM ROLLER – The recipient of this valuable fitness gift is soon to be your best friend. It’s the perfect gift for those who love to work out the knots in their muscles by getting a massage. The foam roller is used for self-massage to release muscle tightness or trigger points. It works by applying pressure to specific points on your body to aid in the recovery of muscles and is essential for improved mobility function.

RESISTANCE BAND – This strength band is another easily portable piece of equipment that can be used on the road or at home. It’s also a great gift for someone who doesn’t have a lot of room at home for exercise equipment because you only need this one band for a variety of whole-body exercises.

STABILITY BALL – This ball is sure to bounce onto your gift recipient’s list of favorite things to use for working out. Not only is this one piece of equipment good for an entire whole-body workout but it also can be used as an energy-burning office chair. A spot-on gift for that health conscious office worker. And, no worries it comes deflated for easy wrapping.

MEDICINE BALL –There are endless possibilities with a medicine ball so it’s a great addition to any home gym and perfect gift for the avid exerciser. The top benefits of using a medicine ball include improving muscular power, endurance, and overall fitness.

THERACANE AND THE STICK – The Theracane is a wonderful tool that allows you to massage those stiff shoulders and back without the help of a friend. In addition to the Theracane, is the Stick. This portable muscle massage tool is a great alternative to the foam roller and easier to manage. Ideal gifts for those who need a little extra loving care.

PERSONAL TRAININGWhat can be a better gift than the gift of expert knowledge, motivation, and guidance? Give the gift of fitness by purchasing a personal training package for your loved one this year! It would be the perfect way to learn how to use any of the gift ideas mentioned above. Also check out Bellin Health Titletown’s Movement Performance Lab and give the gift of injury prevention to the athlete in your life!