VACATION. The single greatest word in the English dictionary. Most Americans plan their entire lives around their next vacation. They plan out months in advance, schedule time off from work, save up funds, and exercise to look or move better to further enjoy the experience. What about when they finally reach their destination, tropical or otherwise? Should all this hard work dedicated to looking or feeling better be wasted in 1-2 weeks of neglect? I think not.

It’s important to continue your training when on vacation, although you may be out of your comfort zone – find solutions, not excuses. Maintaining and continuing your goals can be easier than you think. When exercise equipment isn’t readily available, on your secluded tropical island, try going for a distance run or sprinting in intervals. If neither of those tickles your fancy, Tabatas are great for burning calories efficiently and are easily done with limited equipment.

Tabatas are 20 seconds of performing as many repetitions as you can of a certain exercise, followed by 10 seconds of rest, whilst performing 8-10 exercises, then followed by one minute of rest. Performing this 4 times can be a great 20-minute workout without equipment while on vacation. Cycle through squats, mountain climbers, burpees (I know), scissor lunges, bird dogs, push-ups, dead bugs, thread the needles, jump squats, Russian twists, hip bridges, etc., etc. Don’t forget a proper warm-up and emphasize technique, you wouldn’t want inconvenience as an excuse not to exercise on vacation. If you would like a tutorial and a how-to before your next vacation, simply stop by either of our front desks to schedule a training session and myself or another personal trainer would be more than delighted to take you through a program. I am personally free in the mornings, Mon.-Fri.