Meet Bob and Monie Jonet! Bob (84) and Monie (who is 5 days older) have four children; two boys and two girls who have given them 11 grandkids and 2 great grandkids.  They say that visiting their children “is a huge part of their lives…with graduation parties, weddings, birthday parties, showers, etc…”   In the off season, they travel to Door County and have enjoyed traveling the world together!

Bob and Monie’s journey began when Monie starting to have a terrible time falling. This was the trigger and what motivated them to get started in a fitness program. In addition to her falling, Monie also went through therapy after having her two knees replaced. Physical Therapists, Eric Erdmann and Dave Group had a huge impact on their decision to start this program as well.

Wanting to improve their health, Bob and Monie both knew that they needed help and knew they needed to actually DO something about it and not just talk about it. The first thing they had to overcome was the poor habit of shuffling feet and to “get off their butts and get moving.”

Bellin Health Fitness helped us a great deal by giving us Ryan Finnel, our Personal Trainer. His knowledge, patience, and ability to motivate us means the world. Monie was having a lot of trouble with balance and Ryan has helped her greatly with this. Her balance issues are still a working progress but she has improved tremendously. Ryan is very important to us.  He is encouraging, patient, and pushes us so we get results.

Training with Ryan has changed our life a great deal. It has helped keep us both out of a nursing home by strengthening the whole body. Monie is walking much better and has more confidence in her steps. Bob says, “This has helped keep my wife out of an assisted living.”  Now they are more active making it easier to visit their grandkids.

When asked, What advice would you give to help others? They said, “DO IT. Don’t wait, get going. The payback is phenomenal.”