Meet Rick Price! Rick (67) is married and his wife’s name is Carol. He has been a member of Bellin Health Fitness since January 2016.  Rick started his journey when he needed to recover from suffering from a stroke.  He had to get his left side working again, be able to move/walk easier and also be able to do things on his own again.

Rick’s biggest obstacle was the fact that his left side was affected so much that he wasn’t able to move it at all after the stroke. He also has arthritis in his left shoulder and hips, which affected his rehab, because of the additional pain involved.

Bellin Health Fitness Center helped Rick by signing him up with Emily Wehrle, certified Personal Trainer, who helped him start using and strengthen his muscles again.  This motivated him to keep up with his exercises at home to help to continue to improve his strength and movement.  What also helped him to keep positive was the confidence that Emily had in him, when seeing the progress he was making.

Rick’s life has changed a lot! Now he is able to move/walk much easier and do more things on his own, and not have his wife, Carol, do “everything” for him! That was an important part of his recovery for him, to be more independent and be able to go places like a ‘normal’ person again!!  Rick’s goals are to keep exercising to be able to walk without a cane, not have to use a brace on his left leg and also to be able to drive again!

When asked “What advice would you give to help others?” Rick replied, “Never give up on your recovery/rehab. Keep doing your exercises at home and listen to your Doctor/therapists, and your personal trainer!! – They really do know what they are talking about!! Also, keep a positive attitude; that makes all the difference in the world, if you think you can do it, and you work at it, and give it your all, you will do it!”

Rick also wanted to say “Thank You Emily, my trainer, for all the help you’ve given me these past months!! With your help and confidence in me, it has given me the motivation to keep up with my exercises at home to keep improving!”