Meet Ann Wasmund!  Ann (50) is married to her husband, Mike and they have one son, Wade.  Ann works at the Bellin College as an Administrative Assistant.  In January 2016, during an information session, she was introduced to Jim Beversdorf and his Movement Risk Screen classes designed for Bellin employees.  This is when Ann’s fitness journey began…

From over 30 years of desk work, sports injuries and bad habits, Ann experienced various aches and pains in the shoulder, lower back, and hips. She also suffered with neck stiffness and headaches as well.  Ann was being treated periodically through Chiropractic care and by taking Ibuprofen and Aleve for pain relief.

Just before starting the Movement for Health Class, Ann suffered a dislocation of her left patella. She thought that she would not be able to complete the class.  Jim worked with Ann to modify some of the exercises to help in recovery and to strengthen her injured knee.

Through the various stretching and movement exercises, Ann has learned techniques to stretch muscles and joints, increase movement, decrease aches and pains, and improve her overall posture at work and in daily life.

Ann has attended all three sessions of the Movement for Health Class that has been held at Bellin College. Screening measurements are completed at the beginning and at the completion of each session and Ann has seen major improvement in ability to stretch and move without pain.

This is proof that it’s never too late to get moving…even after 30 years of bad habits, Ann was successful in learning how to move and stretch to alleviate her pain making her quality of life better.