Mystene Sturdavant didn’t even know what she had to lose, until she endured a long-term knee injury.


Mystene describes her life prior to her injury as a “go-and-do-and-be girl”. She was very active, but never knew she took that ability for granted. In October 2011, Mystene was slowed by a knee injury that lasted 2 years and 9 months. Mystene saw herself grow throughout her recovery process. The injury highlighted how important it is to be active, and how much she missed the ability to be active. Prior to her injury, Mystene did not even realize that this was something she had, until it was taken away.

Following surgery of her knee, Mystene found comfort in physical therapy. “During PT I was able to fully concentrate on me. And, it was wonderful.” Mystene admitted. At age 47, Mystene understands how much more her body has left to do. She was grateful that during physical therapy she was able to focus on herself, her body, and find what she had unintentionally lost; her ability to be active.

Mystene came to the Bond Community Center on her own and began participating in programs that fit her lifestyle. She first began with group fitness classes on land, but it was not until she started exercising in the pool that she felt the most comfortable. Her favorite thing about the pool was she could move! Any small pains still lingering from her knee injury were minimal and she describes her abilities in the pool to be like a cheerleader! She also notes, “The hot tub is like a treat!” Mystene lights up when she talks about the things she can do in the pool and the fun she has in our Aqua Splash classes.

The pool has helped Mystene regain her self-confidence. She can move the way she wants to again. From injury to recovery, and now being 67 pounds lighter, Mystene loves having fitness as a part of her lifestyle. She found something that worked for her and it’s made a positive impact on her life. “I’ve learned,” Mystene admits. Her advice to help others succeed is as simple as you can’t give up. “Keep plugging along,” she says.