Meet Shannon Hendzel. At age 23, you would never think she would have chronic back and neck pain but she did.  Shannon’s back and neck pain in addition to headaches were affecting her work and personal life and she thought it was time to try something different. Read how Shannon discovered that doing something so simple would change her life so much.

Shannon was always learning new exercises and taking classes to make exercise more beneficial and fun so when a few of her co-workers told her how much they enjoyed the Movement Risk Screen class, she thought she would give it a try. Sitting at a desk all day also motivated Shannon to try this class especially when she heard it may help with posture, stretching, and possibly release some of the pain she was experiencing from having bad posture in her daily life.

Overcoming obstacles are always a part of starting a new exercise routine and sometimes making the time to go to class was an obstacle for Shannon but it was well worth it to take a half hour of her day to focus on her health. At times, doing simple exercises was also a challenge for Shannon because she was doing it wrong her whole life. Her muscles were trained to do it the wrong way but when she started doing it the right way it improved her muscle function. It felt good to work muscles she didn’t normally work and to know she was completing the exercises correctly. Shannon could definitely feel the difference from her body’s reaction of feeling better.

Shannon is an employee at Bellin College where Jim Beversdorf, Corrective Exercise Specialist, went twice a week to do the Movement Risk Screen class for whoever wanted to participate. Jim has helped Shannon to know what exercise is right and what is wrong which helped her to improve her posture and muscles. Shannon appreciates both Bellin College and Bellin Fitness for working together to provide this class for employees to participate in.

When asked how her life has changed, Shannon had plenty to say…She is definitely more conscience of her posture and technique. Just doing a simple squat is so much different because now she knows the proper technique. Shannon had been doing it wrong this whole time when she thought she was doing it right but had no one to correct her before. Now it’s more beneficial and helps her in preventing further muscle soreness or hurting herself. She also has a significant decrease in headaches, neck pain and back pain which she felt was weird to not be in pain because she was experiencing it for so long, but she LOVES it! She had been to physical therapy, different doctors and took different prescriptions multiple times to feel better and nothing worked, she thought she would just have to live with it but now she knows she doesn’t have to. Shannon said, “Who knew something as simple as corrective exercise was the answer.”

The advice Shannon would give to help others is…”Take the time to learn proper technique!” You may think that you’re doing it right but don’t always be so sure. Not doing it right causes more harm than good. It’s best to take the time to learn corrective exercises and get the most out of exercising. Having pain isn’t even a necessity for this taking class. Just learning how to treat your body properly could last a life time and is reward enough. She is glad that she is learning and correcting her form and technique early in her life before she caused too much damage from doing things wrong.