Meet Crystal Greetan! Crystal (49) shares her life with her long-time boyfriend of 28 years and says he is such a blessing. She has lived in Green Bay for the past 30 years and is a NWTC graduate.  Her journey began at an early age when she was diagnosed with Bipolar disease at the age of 18.  Crystal is continually learning about the disease and how to cope with it.

In addition to her Bipolar disease, Crystal also had two bouts of colon cancer back to back and two hernia operations as well. As part of her 5-year plan with the Bellin Cancer Team, she still goes in to be checked and so far, so good…the cancer hasn’t come back.  Crystal says that the people at the Bellin Cancer Team are very nice and have done a great job taking care of her.  Her doctor talked to her about getting healthier and adding exercise to her treatment plan so he referred her to the Bellin Health Fitness Cancer Wellness Program.

In the Cancer Wellness Program, Crystal works primarily with certified personal trainer, Emily Wehrle and occasionally Abbey Sigl. She stated that they are both great people, their encouraging words help her to keep going when she gets tired and they have helped her to get stronger.

Crystal has short term goals that she takes just one day at a time…

  • Getting up, showering and dressing for the day to go to appointments is a big accomplishment!
  • Exercising at Bellin Health Fitness and meeting the challenges that are planned for her.
  • Working hard, staying positive, being strong and taking a deep breath when things start to get tough…then moving on.
  • Writing down daily agendas for appointments, and projects to keep busy during the day.
  • Exercising at home and eating healthier.

Besides being Bipolar there have been many obstacles that Crystal has had to overcome. Her first obstacle was recovering from surgery and having to deal with a wound vac for 3-4 months. Then she began receiving chemotherapy and had overcome its side effects. After the chemo, Crystal had to begin trying to get her overweight body back in shape after being laid up for so long in addition to dealing with the aches and pains from working out.  Her last, but certainly not her least, obstacle was overcoming tiredness…she would try to stay busy by taking walks after meals as well as taking 15-45 minute power naps if needed.

Bellin Health Fitness has helped Crystal out with quite of few of these obstacles and all she had to do was trust them, listen to them and apply the exercises that Emily and Abbey provided to see and feel these results:

  • Lost Weight
  • Gained muscle strength in arms, legs and stomach
  • Walk better and longer
  • Eat healthier
  • Spirits are lifted more each day
  • Get out more and be herself
  • Think clearer and focus better on the task at hand
  • Relax more and be an all-around happy go lucky person

For anyone who has gone through any crises or trauma and they know that the number one rule is to never give up! Some others that Crystal has learned are:

  • Have confidence and optimism in your life
  • Experience new ideas and new foods…you might like it and learn from it
  • Stay busy, find a hobby that can help you escape and relax from the stress of life’s bumps in the road.
  • Have good self-talk and a support system is great to have especially in the worst of times.
  • Listen to music…it’s fun and helps stimulate the body, mind and soul

Overall, Crystal feels that there are many ways to take care of yourself and that you have to find the system that works for you. She has also realized that the learning never stops and continues to go to Bellin Health Fitness to learn more ways to get healthier and stronger.  There are days when she gets tired and has her issues, like we all do, but with good self-talk and positive feedback from her boyfriend on those rough days and with great workouts from Emily and Abbey, she knows she will make it!