Meet Ken Sickle! Ken (64) and his wife, Cheryl Mc Gonnell, lost their 40-year old daughter Teresa earlier this year… our condolences go out to them.  Even with his loss, Ken still lives life to the fullest.  Ken’s story shows his zest for life and his great sense of humor…I tried to keep the story in his words so you can enjoy it as much as I did.

Ken started his story by stating he would like a dog but his wife has to have a hypoallergenic animal to be tolerant for one who was “born on the wrong planet” according to her father.  His biggest success is the fact that he is nine years post stroke. By August, he had increased his physical prowess considerably.  As an example, he had increased his time of efficiency in the gym as his workout rate had continued to improve.

Ken Goals:

  1. Walk at 2.0 mph for 20 minutes!
  2. Shake your hand and release it.
  3. Ride his 18 speed bike.
  4. Play his Guitar like he did on his three CDs on his Web Site right before he had his stroke!  He would also like to play Pedal Steel Guitar as well as his electric and acoustic guitars!

When asked what motivated him, Ken said “It was time to start living and do everything my Personal Trainer, Jim Beversdorf, inspired me to do!  It helped that he called me Johnny Cash II.”  Ken’s third CD is a tribute to Johnny Cash…some say he sounds as good as if not better than Johnny Cash…that’s quite a compliment to the # 1 male performer on Country Performers 100 Best…Hank Williams is #2.

The obstacles Ken has had to overcome include overcoming right sided paresis of his arm and leg as well as the loss of his stepdaughter. He started at Bellin Fitness in December last year and shortly thereafter his step daughter killed herself after two broken marriages and three children on January 6.

Ken’s life has been changed by his step daughter’s needless death and though he cannot change her life decision, he is deeply committed to get busy living despite it all. (presidential campaign, global warming, nuclear Armageddon annihilation, gmo vegetable lack of nutrition and taste etc.)

When asked what advice he would give, Ken definitely had something to say… “Keep working! Exercise like the Father of Aerobics and the King of Strength Training…working to the point of pain, back off and hit it again like Jim Beversdorf or any other really good trainer that actually puts his body on the line to provide inspiration for continued growth both physically and emotionally and spiritually as I have received from my good man, Jim Beversdorf, Corrective Exercise Specialist!  You need to exercise for the rest of your life! Whatever form of exercise makes you feel good about yourself!”