Our bodies are meant to move. When you feel stiff and tired it may seem hard to imagine, but it’s true. Your body enjoys moving and actually perceives sedentary living as stress.

Working out is great but avoid thinking about exercise only as a means to burn calories or lose weight. This type of thinking will work against you in the long run. That’s because your mind will begin to equate exercise with stress, which triggers all of those dreaded stress hormones.

There are a number of ways you can get your exercise on. If you’re a social butterfly, try a group workout such as a dance class. If you enjoy nature, get your gear together and venture out into the wild. If you’re motivated by wearable technology, put on a FitBit and start moving!

Here are other tips to get started:

  • If you’re new to exercise, reach out to your primary care provider to make sure you’re healthy enough to start an exercise plan.
  • Find exercise and workouts that build you up and that you enjoy.
  • If you have a wearable, such as a FitBit, participate in a 10,000 step challenge for 30 days.
  • Ask your partner to walk/run/workout with you, start a workout group at your work organization, or even initiate a challenge using technology, such as through the FitBit groups.

We all have an opportunity to make active choices throughout the day, but we often choose the path of least resistance. The following website demonstrates how many calories a 135 pound person can burn throughout the day by making physically active choices versus sedentary ones. See how your everyday decisions can make a difference and how every step counts: https://www.scandpg.org/local/resources/files/2012/Every_Step_Detail_Sheet_R5.pdf

If for some reason you’re unable to exercise due to physical limitations, sign up for a free Pain and Injury Assessment at Bellin Health Fitness to find out what’s stopping you.