Meet Todd Patton. Todd (49) is the father of two teenage girls; Hailey 16 and Emma 14. Todd has run the Bellin Run several times in the last few years which probably helps him to keep up with his daughters.

Todd was motivated to begin his journey when he decided he wanted to work on his flexibility. He was talking with another Bellin Health employee about taking a fitness class to help him become more flexible.  They suggested the Movement for Health class which is a free class offered to Bellin employees and taught by a Bellin Health Fitness Personal Trainer. He learned it’s designed to teach you proper movement when lifting, sitting and standing and it helps strengthen your core.

The obstacles that Todd had to overcome were the bad habits that caused him muscle soreness in his lower back and hamstrings.

The Movement for Health class has helped Todd by teaching him proper stretching and strengthening techniques to improve his flexibility as well as reduce his lower back pain.  Since taking the class, Todd’s lower back pain has been greatly reduced.  He also stated that his calves feel much better as well because they are not so tight.

When I asked Todd, “What advice would you give to help others?” His said, “Take the Movement for Health class.  It’s well worth your time investment.  There are several times and locations available and it’s only a 30-minute class.”