Use all the tools that can help you live longer and stronger.healthy-man

Men, you can only take care of others when you’re healthy.  A lot of people count on you.  Whether related by blood or brotherhood, your family needs you.  Men like being THAT guy…the one everyone turns to, the one who gets things done, the hero.  A hero is defined as: one who shows great courage.  There is nothing more attractive than a man who takes great care of himself by exercising, eating right and getting “preventative maintenance” at the doctor.  This is a man who is making the statement:  “I will be here for you.” Isn’t that what a hero does? He’s always there for you.

In order to be the hero, you have to keep yourself in good working order.  Take care of yourself.  Don’t make excuses for bad habits and an unhealthy lifestyle.  You deserve good health to enjoy the life you’ve built.  Make time for a tune up in order to build a better you.  An annual physical can help you identify areas of your health that might need some work and repair, as well as provide the regular maintenance that keeps your body running well.

Don’t wait to live your life.  Step out of your comfort zone and be there. Try something new…check out the list of activities to try.

  • Read a book
  • Take a class just for fun
  • Book an adventure vacation
  • Take your spouse dancing
  • Plan a day trip with the kids
  • Call a friend to see how things are going

The ideas are limitless.  Try just one new activity to start!  Think of the positive impact such heroic acts would have on marriages and families, friends and co-workers and especially you!  Don’t play it safe by claiming your “man-card”.  A card with the stereotypical notion that men have to be tough, get angry, drink beer, eat brats, and watch football.  And that men aren’t supposed to express their emotions, sing, dance, play music, read books, create art, eat salads or go to the doctor unless they’re on death’s door.  A hero, or someone who shows great courage, shreds that “man-card” and becomes who he wants to be without stereotypical limits.  That’s true bravery!  Are you a hero?