There is no such thing as an ending…just a new beginning.

Meet Cathy Welter and read how her story of success began…After struggling with pain almost her entire adult life, Cathy finally found the answer to making her life pain free.  Find out how Cathy persevered and discovered that the greater the obstacle, the greater the triumph in overcoming it!

Cathy was motivated to begin her journey after listening to Jim Beversdorf, Certified Exercise Specialist, talk at her staff meeting in December about the Movement Risk Screen (MRS) program. She thought it sounded very much like what she needed to reduce the pain she has had for many years but never knew where to start.

The obstacles Cathy had to overcome were headaches from upper back pain and weakness for most of her life making it increasingly difficult to work. The older she got, the more difficult was to sit all day. Cathy stated that having chronic muscle pain is a rather lonely journey, that each person has to find their own way through, and what works for someone, may not work for someone else.  She has tried many, many things to overcome the pain…

Cathy went through physical therapy twice with minimal relief. She worked with a personal trainer but eventually abandoned the program of exercises because she just kept hurting herself and never got beyond the pain to strengthen the muscles. For 30 years, she has been regularly having chiropractic adjustments and while spinal alignment does relieve her pain and headaches, it does not address or resolve the underlying problem. As soon as the muscles would fatigue again, the chronic pain and headaches would just keep coming back.

Bellin Fitness played a huge role in helping Cathy. Their MRS Program and accompanying home Corrective Exercise Plan was offered to the Ashwaubenon Family Medical Center employees for Free. FMC Ashwaubenon leadership strongly encouraged and supported employee participation in this exercise program.cathy welter

Cathy learned from the MRS Program/Corrective Exercise Plan that being placed on a strengthening program without an accompanying stretching program only adds to the pain of an already fatigued and overworked muscle group. She also learned the necessity of having to activate and strengthen the surrounding muscle groups helps protect and relieve the affected muscles. Properly learning the techniques for releasing, relaxing, stretching and activating has helped her pain more than anything else ever has; She knows she still has a long way to go, but she is making great strides.  (PHOTO RIGHT:  Cathy is doing the Seated Robbery as part of her corrective exercise.)

In just one 10-week session of MRS Program and home Corrective Exercise Plan, Cathy has gone from having pain every day and almost intolerable pain every day at work, to only having occasional pain and decreased pain at work. This is definitely life-changing!

Until the Corrective Exercise Plan, Cathy believed that it never seemed to be acceptable to stretch at her desk, when she didn’t have a private space at work. Now, with Jim absolutely advocating this and having everyone in the program hear this every week, it doesn’t seem so out of place. She is regularly doing stretches throughout the day that she learned in the MRS Program, both at home and at work.

When asked “What advice would you give to help others?” Cathy stated, “Why would you NOT participate in the MRS Program/Corrective Exercise Plan?  It is free and really strengthens and tones the muscles you use every day to help avoid injury at work.  The class gives you the tools you need for a healthier, pain free life.  If you are not an athlete, you probably have never learned how to stretch and strengthen your muscles to avoid injury.”

I would say that Cathy is the definition of perseverance…If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again!