How transforming her lifestyle made Molly Herkert the healthiest she had been in years.

When she was diagnosed with Follicular Lymphoma in March of 2014, Molly Herkert felt stuck. She worried that cancer would come to define her, prevent her from doing what she loved, and represent a drastic change to her way of life. But the physicians at Bellin Health’s Cancer Team and the connected care trainers at Bellin Fitness weren’t going to let that happen. In fact their goal was to get her in even better health than she was before her diagnosis.

Immediately after being diagnosed and beginning her treatments, Molly’s physicians and trainers sat down to develop a lifestyle plan that would put her on the road to recovery and beyond. Nutritionists developed meal and snack plans that were both healthy and delicious, while her cancer-certified personal trainer Tim developed a regular fitness plan to complement her treatment and transform her body.


One of Molly’s biggest obstacles was learning that her journey required her to take an active role in improving her health. “I needed to listen, get educated, and take action and control of my own outcome,” Molly told us. Regular check-ins with her care team members helped her set realistic goals and motivated her to achieve them.

Molly’s weekly routine included yoga, biking, and meditation in addition to regular personal training sessions. Of the nearly 30 different group fitness classes, she enjoyed Zumba as a fun break from her regular routine. Throughout her journey, trainer Tim was by her side, encouraging her every step of the way. Tim’s praise and ability to motivate Molly made becoming healthy fun. “He coached me to a place I did not think was possible,” Molly said.

In the year since beginning her cancer treatment and wellness journey with Bellin Health and Bellin Fitness, Molly has beaten cancer, lost over 40 pounds, and has committed to a leaner, more active lifestyle. Her cholesterol and blood work are better than ever and she constantly feels full of energy and optimistic about her life.

Her advice for others looking to make a change to a healthy lifestyle? Be informed and take action. “Take care of yourself and teach others to do the same. Find your inner-peace and keep positive.”