What motivated you to begin your journey?
I was motivated to begin my fitness journey because of pain and stiffness.  I finished my physical therapy sessions and wanted to keep improving.  I did NOT want to remain at the level I was at then!

Dan G.What obstacles did you have to overcome?
My biggest obstacle was mental.  Having someone I trusted put me through the exercises caused me to go beyond what I would have done on my own.  The positive results built up my confidence.

What part did Bellin Fitness play in helping you?
Bellin Fitness played a major part in helping me!  They provided me the structure for me to continue to improve.  My Personal Trainer, Beth, has been invaluable.  She is observant, knows what will benefit me and supplies encouragement.  I would never have come this far without her expertise!

How has your life changed?
I am stronger, more flexible, feel better, walk better and feel more joy.  I can work in the garden and do yard work without pain or down time.  My life is pain free and I’m still improving!

What advice would you give to help others?
My advice to help others is to get a Personal Trainer at Bellin Fitness!  They can assess your situation and build a program to produce positive results.  Also, you need to watch what you eat; don’t overeat your workout!  Stretch, stretch, stretch.  Stretch at home.  Walk outdoors. Wherever you are…begin! Start your journey. You can improve your body, mind and spirit remarkably.


Dan Gremmer
Family:  Wife: Mary; Children: Jose & Jack
Success:  Rehab from two hip replacements.
Goal:  More strength, endurance and flexibility