Meet Brian Voelker!  Brian (50) and his wife Elizabeth have three children, three grandchildren, two dogs and three cats…so needless to say their life is very full.  Brian’s journey began when he was diagnosed with cancer. During his recovery from treatment, Brian had lost a lot of weight.  He was inactive for several months and had a difficult time even doing simple daily tasks.  This motivated him to begin a fitness program.  Now Brian can successfully do daily physical activities again and his goal is to climb Diamond Head volcano with his grandson on his back…wow that sounds like an amazing goal to have!

Brian faced many obstacles…one being weak and lacking stamina. He would run out of breath very quickly doing simple tasks.  His throat and mouth were extremely sore from his cancer treatments so heavy breathing was very difficult.  He also wasn’t able to produce enough saliva in his mouth so he would have cotton mouth all of the time.

In the beginning of his fitness program, Beth Schmit, certified Personal Trainer at the Bond Community Center, worked with him to regain his flexibility and balance. Then Beth began to incorporate exercises to improve Brian’s strength and stamina.  Now he’s able to do most things that he could do prior to treatment!

Brian’s life has changed a lot since he began his fitness program. He stated that not only does his body feel much better but he has noticed that he is happier, his quality of life has improved and he’s not frustrated by not being able to do certain things.

When I asked Brian what advice would you give to others he said, “I would highly suggest to anyone, engaging in a fitness program is the best idea while recovering from cancer. Stay with the program.  Results do not come overnight but when they do, it’s worth it!”