Meet Jeff Meehl! He shares his life with his wife Mary, and their children Nicole, Trisha and Anthony. Jeff has been a member at Bellin Fitness since 2005.  I remember when he started coming to Bellin Fitness, he came on a regular basis but then, like all of us, his life got busy and his visits became less frequent. With a total knee replace coming up in the very near future, he knew he had to kick it back into gear and start going to the fitness center again.

After retiring this year, Jeff had the time and motivation he needed to get back into shape, as well as prepare for his total knee replacement.   His obstacles were having the ambition to get up and go to the gym on a consistent basis to make enough of a difference.  His knee and joint pain, prior to his surgery, also limited the things that he could do, as well as the length of time needed to make improvement.

Jeff was successful in the preparation and rehabilitation of his total knee replacement. His goals are to continue overall improvement in body strength, stamina and composition.  When I asked Jeff, what part did Bellin Fitness play in helping you? This was his response, “Huge! All of the people I had contact with had nothing but positive, encouraging attitudes.  Working with Eydie, as my personal trainer, prior to surgery, to improve my upper body strength was crucial in getting me ready for the rehab work that lay ahead for me.  Samantha and Julie in Physical Therapy were also fantastic working with me during my rehab…pushing and encouraging me to reach the needed goals to get back in the gym and start working on other areas of improvement with Eydie.”

Jeff’s life has changed a lot since surgery. Getting past the actual surgery and the constant pain that he had prior to that was a great weight off his mind.  Since the surgery, every day has been a positive day for Jeff.  He has a much more enthusiastic attitude toward getting to the fitness center and working on the areas, no matter how long it takes to get the results he wants.  He feels stronger and feels that he is doing things the right way…all thanks to the Bellin people working with him.

The advice that Jeff would you give others is…”If you have an issue with your knee, address it now! Don’t waste time hoping it will get better on its own…it won’t.  I truly wish that I had addressed this years ago but always made an excuse to put it off.  Nothing that is worthwhile is easy, but you don’t have to do it on your own.  The people at Bellin really care about seeing you improve your quality of life, but you have to put in your own effort and commitment as well in order to get there.”