Meet Mary Fritsch, age 67 and sharing her life with her cat, Hermione. Mary came to Bellin Fitness as a cancer patient who was continuing with her treatment and she felt a bit more fragile and limited in her ability when she started. Mary also suffers from osteoarthritis, and severe neuropathy of the hands and feet. So Mary was motivated to begin her journey at Bellin Fitness because she really wanted to regain control of her life.

Bellin Fitness helped Mary by teaming her up with Emily Wehrle, Cancer Exercise Specialist/Personal Trainer. Emily adapted a 16-week regimen to Mary’s limitations perfectly.  In the beginning, they worked mainly on stretching, and strengthening the “core”.  Each activity built on the next, and soon Mary was walking longer distances, and performing daily activities that required more stamina.

Here’s what Mary had to say about Emily. “Emily is a great instructor, and partner in adapting/assessing the activities to fit my needs.  I can now feel confident on building on that foundation-and continuing to make progress.”

When Mary was asked how her life changed, this was her response. “I have gained the strength, and become more independent. I no longer required my walker.  I can continue now in the long-term plan by enrolling/participating in the Silver Sneakers program.  Thank you Bellin and Emily for the wonderful and needed opportunity.”