We’ve all received advice at one time or another in our life, often from family members and friends who share their perspectives to show their support.

While it’s great to get advice from those who care about you, it can also be helpful to get an expert’s take. Here’s some helpful fitness advice from a few of our personal trainers:


Liza Margelofsky

My training with Precision Nutrition gave me a mantra that I love to share with people:

Start where you are.  Use what you have.  Do what you can.

I find myself using parts of this concept with my clients. I usually encourage them to let go of the past, forgive themselves, start where they are today, and move along their continuum of improvement in baby steps.


Stefanie Bons

My advice is simple and has most likely been heard a millions times over, but I don’t think people truly realize that diet and exercise go hand in hand. Many people feel that if they exercise they can consume whatever they want. I’m not saying that you can’t spurge every now and then, but the main focus should be on portion sizes and moderation. Remember – you can’t out exercise a bad diet.

If you make the decision to better your life, go all out. If you put in the hard work and dedication, you’ll reap the benefits. But you have to want to do this for yourself. If not, the outcome won’t last, and eventually you’ll find yourself down the same path as before.


Abbey Sigl

My favorite piece of advice is: Don’t be afraid to ask questions.

When you’re working out, either with a trainer or on your own, be your own advocate. If something doesn’t feel right, don’t power through. “No pain, no gain” is not a mantra we follow here! Ask a trainer to check that your equipment is set up properly and that you’re using the right form and proper weights. It’s easy to set up an appointment to get all of your questions answered and prevent injuries due to improper form.


Jim Beversdorf

Train smarter, not just harder.


Matt Klarkowski

No days off. I don’t care if you’re sick or unmotivated, your car broke down, have an anniversary or birthday, are on vacation, taking a holiday … it doesn’t matter. Suck it up and stick to your program. You’ll be happy you did.


Tyson Kratz

Mini workouts add up. If you take 5-10 minutes for 2-3 exercises in the morning, at lunch, and in the evening, it’s just as effective as doing a full workout with all those exercises at once.


Spencer Lichon

Connect with your clients and get them to buy in to what you’re teaching. You must first understand yourself and your motivations for training!


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