It’s easy to fall into a fitness routine that doesn’t offer much variety. Ask yourself the following questions to find out if you’re in a fitness rut.

Are you getting results? By sticking with the same exercises, reps and weights, the body adapts and a workout becomes easier to perform. This means you might eventually plateau and stop seeing results.

Are your workouts exciting? People who find their fitness routine boring are less likely to stick with it over the long haul. If you can do your entire workout without much thought, it may be time to mix it up.

Does your workout feel hard? If you can speed through your workout without breaking a sweat, you probably need to make some changes and look for new ways to challenge your body.

Are you injury free? If you keep getting injured, it might be time to mix things up. Focusing on strength imbalances or fixing your form might be all you need to get rid of pesky injuries.

If you answered no to any of the questions, it might be time to mix up your routine. Here are some tips to get started:

  • Find variations. If you like the row machine, try doing single arm rows on the Dual Cable Cross machine. If you like using the leg press machine, consider using the TRX straps for body weight squats. Look at what you currently do and try to find a variation.
  • Change things up. Consider changing the weight, repetitions, sets, or tempo of your movements (quick pull, slow return or even pull, even return).
  • Try a group fitness class. Bellin Health Fitness has a variety of group fitness classes with diverse instructors. Give one of the classes a try and see what movement ideas you can steal for your own personal workout.
  • Hire a personal trainer. Work with a trainer to learn new moves, correct improper movement patterns or just add some variety to your workout. Bellin Health Fitness personal trainers are available for one or multiple sessions to help you set up a routine and learn how to adjust it to avoid adaptation. They can also teach you how to use equipment you’ve always wanted to try. Stop by a Bellin Health Fitness location to purchase sessions and make an appointment.
  • Make an appointment with an athletic trainer. An athletic trainer can determine if your injury can be fixed by making a few tweaks or if you need to buy a few sessions with a personal trainer. He or she can also make the call if you should be seen by a medical professional. Stop by a Bellin Health Fitness location to make a free appointment with one of Bellin’s athletic trainers.

Whatever steps you choose to take, Bellin Health Fitness is here to help you mix it up and get out of a fitness rut. Visit one of our locations to learn more about ways to keep your workout fresh.