Meet Jan Vankauwenberg. Jan (72) has been coming to Bellin Health Fitness for over 8 years.  She is one of our early morning regulars who is always ready to greet you with a smile.

Jan started her fitness journey, after having triple bypass surgery in 1999.  She knew she needed to get routine exercise into her life.

At the time, her biggest obstacle was finding time to get to the gym because she was working full time. Now that she is retired, she has plenty of time to get in but she loves coming in first thing in the morning.   And, combined with the fact that she lives close by, there is no excuse for her not to exercise.

She became part of our early-morning regulars who met at Bellin Health Fitness and have become good friends.  They catch up while doing their exercises and support each other when going through their personal health challenges.

Jan’s life has changed for the better since exercise became part of her life – she exercises five days a week. Not only has she lost inches, she feels healthier too and wants to continue on her wellness journey.

The advice that Jan would give to help others, is to stick with it – everyday. You will meet new people who will become your friends and will care about you – just like she did.