As a reminder we have updated our masking and cleaning policies, please be aware of these changes.

  • Temperature checks and masking required when entering the building
  • Masking required during entire workout in our facilities
  • Specific sanitizing of all equipment required

If you have any questions feel free to call one of our centers or discuss with one of our staff.

Donna Baenen

Donna Baenen

Donna (53), a Registered Nurse in the Emergency Department at Bellin Health Hospital for the last 27 years, is married to her husband, Pete and they have three adult children.  Being athletic all her life in high school and college sports, Donna wanted to be able to run 5ks and participate in athletic events.

Her need to find a consistent, enjoyable and not to mention convenient way to exercise and maintain her health was Donna’s motivation to begin her journey.  Her goals are to maintain optimal health and enjoy a healthy lifestyle. Time was always a factor when overcoming obstacles as well as keeping the mindset that exercise is a high priority.

The Bellin Health Fitness Movement for Health class has helped Donna with her biggest obstacle…not only by offering convenient options for class times but by offering it on the hospital campus as well.  She stated that class was excellent with its informative and motivating instructors.  The biggest thing she learned from class was how to bend over.  She was always under the impression that one had to bend their knees to pick up something off of the floor.  She learned how to hip hinge” to bend over…which she found so much easier!

Donna’s life has changed because now she is able to move better with less achiness and pain.  She definitely has more energy and feels accomplished and has a greater sense of well-being.  She’s even noticed that she is able to spring out of bed in the morning.

When I asked Donna, “What advice would you give to help others?”  She said, “Take advantage of what Bellin has to offer.  There is nothing to lose and much to gain.  Thank you Bellin Foundation for the equipment used in class.”