Coronavirus Update
In an effort to help reduce community spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19), a decision was made to close both Bellin Health Fitness Centers in Green Bay (Bellevue and Ashwaubenon), the Bond Community Center (Oconto) and the Athletic Performance Center (Titletown) until further notice.

Jan Zvara

Jan Zvara

Meet Jan Zvara!  Jan (66) has two grown children; a son, Tim and a daughter, Micki. Jan’s journey began when her physician referred her into Bellin Health Physical Therapy for knee pain and instability.  She then transitioned into the Continuum of Care program at Bellin Health Fitness in November of 2017.   Before Physical Therapy, Jan didn’t even know Bellin had an affiliated fitness center!

Jan was motivated by her goals to keep moving and stay healthy.   The obstacles that Jan had to overcome along the way were knee pain, poor balance, and little endurance when walking even short distances.  On top of that, Jan had anxiety over coming to the fitness center, intimidated by the weights and machines.

To overcome her anxiety, Jan began working with certified Personal Trainer, Abbey Sigl.  Abbey helped Jan become more familiar with the weight room and she eventually became more comfortable coming into the fitness center.

As Abbey helped Jan to learn how to use the equipment, she began to gain confidence.  Through regular training and workouts, Jan has significantly increased her mobility and flexibility and she is back to walking long distances once again.  But the best news is…her knee pain has been eliminated and she can now walk without a cane!

Jan’s advice to others, “Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone.  If I wasn’t forced to come here, I would not have followed through.”